my 2012 birthday wish list….

I just realize my big day is a week away…
and I haven’t write anything I want yet.
Last year I though about it months away
And God did grant me some of my wishes
what do I really want this year?

1. wake up with a grateful heart for God kindness

2. having my kids prepared special breakfast for me

3. a nice movie with my husband will be a plus

4. sunflower on my dining table

5. a “me” time at the salon for couple hours

6. wanna eat Japanese or Korean food

7. muffin or cupcakes birthday cake

8. still want that “yellow bike” i dream since last year

9. a small afternoon party on my garden (if not rain)

10. just being with my family…


can’t get these out of my mind…

How do you handle when you really want something so much. Just like fall in love, I keep thinking about it, search for it in the internet, very sensitif when the thing is somewhere near me. Since last week suddenly I am craving of these 2 things. Maybe I shouldn’t say suddenly, because this wanting develop as I see someone use them, a colleague,  friends, or even strangers, then seems like everybody are so into them. The question is do I really need them? No, I still have other things more important in my list, but I was hope by writing this, I can get it out of my head, and maybe one day (hopefully soon) when I have the budget, I can buy these things:

1. Hanalei Crocs

Don’t you think these are cute wedges?This is the kind of shoes I always love because the style is simple, and casual. I went to the mall the other night and saw it, I tried one, it’s light and comfortable. The price is about 350 thousand IDR, but my friend says it more than that. I wish I could get the cheaper one, but I am not sure if that’s original. I am still confuse which color will I choose, most likely Natural Stone or Navy Blue, but the red one also so tempting.

2. Apple iPad.


I was thinking about buying a notebook or netbook, but as I saw some friend of mine using this, I thought why not just buy an iPad? This is a cool gadget. The design is nice, and it smarter than a lap top or a mobile phone. You can play music, watch movie, read books, internet, and many other functions. And I heard that the battery also last for a long time. So I am really considered of buying this stuff. For the price, the cheapest one I saw in the internet is about 4.5 million IDR, it’s depend on GB.

Fellow Blogger! any advice or suggestion about these?

10 thing i would like to have…

1. a bike

2. a pet for my daughter

3. An iPad or eBook

4. a big sunflower painting

5. a new camera digital

6. a white dress

7. Illustrated Family Encyclopedia

8. a night table

9. Paints to paint my walls

10. a new pair of glasses

Well….my birthday is just a month away, so if anybody kind enough to grand me one of this, I would be so grateful…!Have a great day fellow blogger and hope that your wishes also come true.

Hello World!

I should have done this long time ago! But I am too lazy to try or too afraid to learn. So making this blog in a way is like paying a debt, because I feel like I owe myself this for not express what I feel and what I think consistenly. There are so many things happen everyday in my life, and for sure I get an insight and write something about it. I don’t know how much longer God will entrust me with this life, but I pray and hope that the rest of it will be use to the full.

I also have a blog in Bahasa Indonesia if you like to visit.

Happy Reading!