when the kids come to work with me…

Most of the time they could read
Coz there are plenty of book here
Fiction or non Fiction
English or Bahasa
Picture or words books

They can also help me
Coz I have plenty of work to do
they can tidy up the books
they can stamps new books
or place back books to the shelves.

Sometimes I want them to study
I give them a math work sheet
or simple English to do
they even do some writings
have fun coloring pages.

But when there is no students or teachers
I let them use the computer
to find something in the internet
my son like to play games
and my daughter love to blog.


an offer that hard to be missed…

Just last week, after I decided to do the part-time job, One of my best friend from college offered me a job to be a lecturer in her school. I never thought to be a teacher, moreover to be a lecturer, but she open up my mind and told me some reason why this one is good for me:
1. Time, She said that I can come to teach only 2 days in a week, and that leave me plenty of time to be with my kids.

2. Salary, No question but salary for lecturer are quite good.

3. Self Development, as lecturer, off course this will be a good opportunity for me to grow in my knowledge.                   

4. Appearance. I  imagine myself in a better apparel.                                                                                                                                   

5. Networking. I will meet new people and build up a new circle of friends and colleague.

I am still contemplating with myself, whether I can do it or not. I mean in my job at school right now, I was ask once awhile to deal with students in class but, not like teaching or anything. But this is really something to think about and put in a serious consideration.

Is there any lecturer out there? share with me your experience and opinion.

back to work…

I thought this year I won’t have to wake up early, rush to get ready and struggle with the traffic to go to work. I imagine myself still in my night-gown prepared breakfast for my kids and husband and stand by the gate to wave goodbye as they leave to school and work, because I had file in a resignation letter to my work last November. Yes I did resigned from work last year, but here I am still sitting on the same chair, see the same people, and deal with the same thing which is books.

Truly I love this job, I enjoy my working environment, I like my co-workers, but I really need to focus on my kids development. They are the most important people in my life. I bring them into the world, and I am responsible not only to provide their needs, but also give time to help them achieve their best. And by working outside the house, I definitely have missed some things in their live. I want to make it up.

Well, I can’t see myself  just doing the house work all day, cooking, ironing, clean the house, even though I enjoy those things. I am thinking of finding a job that I can work from home. I remember when I quit from my last job after having Edgar, I stay home without a maid, I was doing some translation (books and documents) and as well as all the domestic. I have read some articles about mothers who are struggles about this. Torment between being a full-time mom or stay working. Right now, I will go for part-time. I am still going to work in the morning, and but I will be home by 14.00 and have time with my kids. I think that will do for now. But I pray and wish to find something that best fit my situation. God speed!

why do i like my job…?


First of all I like reading, and as a librarian I got full access to all the books here, both fiction and non fiction books. Reading just open up my horizon, and by reading I got to know a little bit of places I never visit, times I never been, and people I never meet. By reading I got to know different author and their writing style, and that inspired me in my writings too

This job is related to what I studied for my Bachelor Degree, which is Library Science. Although back then was not so advance like today, but the principle is just the same. I enjoy the cataloging, finding the Dewey Number, the daily circulation even as simple as plastic wrapping the book.

I love my co-workers. Both the teachers and the admin are people who enjoyable to work with. We greet and smile to each other when we met. Some take the times to listen to you, even though everybody are busy with their works. I enjoy lunch with the admin staff every working day. We had a staff retreat once a year, and outing to refresh and bonding with each other.

I like the environment. The school is laid in the south where it’s greener than other part of the city, its not too big, but not too small. The Library has a big glass window so I have a really nice view toward the playground where the kids play. We have some trees in the yard and the vine plants cover the big fences around the school. 

I am happy to help the kids in their learning process. There is nothing like see a child exciting to study out new things. Some kids love to read in the library and some borrow book everyday. Although I always  need to remind them about the rules, but all in all it’s part of their education.

Apart from that, I also enjoy the events we have through the year; Literacy Week, Christmas Celebration, UN Day, ITC & Science Fair, SLI Cup, Family Fun Day even Graduation. I also got a chance to help in our some of our school productions such ANNIE and JOSEPH as props manager, and lastly i enjoy to be the official school photographer, so I can take picture of all the occassions.

This is my 6th year working in SLI and by June next year I have participated with one batch of students completed their elementary years. I thank God for giving me this job!

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when i was sick…

I catch cold all the time, maybe because of my sinus or allergic to dust, I can’t really tell which one. But I hardly got sick and call off from work. That day, I felt my body was warm, first I thought it’s because the gray cardigan I was wearing. But then I always feel great with warm temperature, I don’t like cold. I struggles with AC all the time. So I figure out that I am not feeling well.

When I got home, I started to feel dizzy, I try to drink hot tea, that’s usually my quick medicine for a headache, but that time it didn’t help at all. I take care of my kids dinner, and while they were eating I fall of sleep. I didn’t even know what time my husband got home, and wheather or not they made their homework. In the middle of the night I woke up with a severe headache and my body is hot. I try to go back to sleep but can’t, so I went out of the room and watched TV for a while. Then at 2 I went back to my room and tried to sleep.

In the morning I decided to call the office to let them know I won’t be working that day because I was miserable. My husband gets the kids ready and drop them to school, and he went straight to work. I made myself porridge and hot tea. I also sit at the front door to catch the morning sunshine and that make me feel a bit better. I try to rest, but since we don’t have maid, even when I am sick, I still have to tidy up and clean the house. And as all of you mother knows, there are always something you can do in the house. So after I finished, I prepared lunch for my kids, and so on.

Funny because after all the work I feel even better, maybe because saw the house clean and spend more time with my kids brought comfort to me. In the afternoon when my husband home I felt much-much better. I woke up the next morning with a great feeling, so decided to go back to work. I know I just need sometimes to rest, but stay at home didn’t mean a rest for me.

one of my dream is bike to work. not because i want to follow the trend that is started to bloom recently in Jakarta, but I really want this for a long time.

I remember the first bike i received when I was in grade 3. My father bought it after i went through tonsil removal surgery. I am so happy with the bike, because I’ve been learning to bike with other people’s bike (an adult one). Once I “borrowed” someone’s bike without telling him and ride it to the big street. I got hit by “becak” (a kind of rickshaw) and almost pass out but still have to apologize cause the bike is a bit crooked). I remember decorate my bike and be part of a parade on an Independence Day celebration. When I was in highschool, one time during a vacation, my cousin and I ride our bike to the country side. We brought just enough money to buy food on our way, but we ride quite a long distance and i never forget that adventure.

Actually I got the idea 5 years ago, a colleague of mine tell me how she’s been bike to work. She would leave early in the morning with sporty outfit, then when she got to the office, she will take shower and change to work clothes. I am so amazed by her, now a days more and more people doing it, but for me is still a dream. I have told my husband and ask him to buy me a nice bike, but bike price is not cheap, so I have to be patient. Meanwhile I have to practice because this is not going to be easy at first, the distance from my house my work is 20 km. It’s about 30 minutes by motorcycle.

I believe that bike to work, will help solving some of the traffic jam problems in Jakarta. There are too many cars already, and too many pollution, why don’t we reduce the car using and start to bike more?, Just this morning my friend told me that the government suggest students and teachers to bike to school, if the live near by, don’t have to always drive car. I totally agree with that. On my way to work I have seen some students did that. But I think the government have to facilitate this, so parents won’t be worry about their kids safety on the streets.

I remember when visiting my family in Holland. That country is amazing because they have a special line for bikers, inside a city or town, people prefer to bike rather than drive. The town is clean, no pollution, the street is saved. When can we be like that?