don’t want to quit writing…

Reading someone else writings supposed to make me feel inspired and wanted to write more, but sorry to say most of the time I end up feel like a failure, I could never become a writer. I am hopeless.

I just read some writings of my fellow bloggers Lua Fowles and Maimoona Rahman , and my thought was… man! they are so young but their writing are so good. Where they got all the words and put it in the right place, create a powerful sentence that pierce to my mind. They even express their struggles in such a beautiful way. Where was I when I was that age, why didn’t I take creative writing at school or something. I feel like I can’t never be like them, I feel so behind.

Then I will make some excuses in my head; that English is not my first language, so I can’t write like that, but even in my own Bahasa Indonesia, I still lack of words, hardlyput together a great sentence,  always run out ideas what to say, what to write. I also think that as a mother of 2 kids, I have no time to think those things, but hey… Stephanie Meyers who wrote the Twilight Saga is also a mom, and she can published those great novels.

here i am having a passion for writing, a dream to publish a piece of story if not a book but have so little skill and time. Then again I have told myself to take it easy,  I write cause I like it, so do not compared yourself with others. I have my own style, my unique experience, I just need to expose myself to those great writers, practice, get some inputs, open my mind and keep on writing. For as long as I can get out some of my ideas, express my thoughts, I write, then I am a writer. Right?



I just read a book title “undress your stress” by Lois Levy. It talks about 30 curiously fun ways to take off tension. The author encourage the readers to laugh and smile more, to have quiet time as much as noisy time, to move around such as dance, to even coloring like a child, to waste time and go away, to take a nap and to cut TV, sugar, caffeine, stuff and worry. It’s an interesting book.

One part in Quiet time section talks about write. she said “put everything you’ve always wanted to say on paper”. It doesn’t have to be grammatically correct or pretty. It’s just a way to get whatever stuck in your head out of your way. This something that struck me and I guess stop me from being a write for a long time, because I always wanted my writing to look pretty and sounds good.

She also said that you can write anywhere, at any time and dressed in any way. Write on anything. As I am doing blog surf, I realize how far Iwas left behind. I was too picky on what should I write, how should I put it nicely, and I need a big chuck of time to do it, when in fact people just write about anything they want. Mothers not only talk about their kids, but also about their small business. Father talks not only about their work, but also their family and kids. And Scientists can talk their leisure time instead of new invention. So you can write about anything even though you’re not expert on it. Is just convey your opinion, idea or thoughts.

I think what hinder me from writing is the thought “what will people think about my writing?” Will they like it? Will they agree with me? Well for a report or thesis you do need to give an accountability for what you say. But nowadays many people do free writing, they don’t follow a certain rule, they keep their own style, they just try to express their self and mind. But funny because people do like it.

So now let me put myself in the band of writers. I may be in the last line, but that’s ok. I will catch up with the others.