may i always be in awe of YOU

dedicated this to my Lord Jesus Christ


just an idea…(2)

My husband is so sweet, last night when he came back from a meeting, brought me 3 stems of red flower. I took 3 empty Olive Oil bottles, clean them up, then fill them with water. Instead of putting the flowers in one vase all together, I put each flower into each bottle, and tied the bottles with a transparant little bow. Look nice right? Just an idea….


i love yellow flower…

I don’t remember when was  the first time I like yellow flowers, but I remember when I was in college, I studied away from home. And everytime I went to visit my family in the other city, I noticed there are many kinds of yellow flowers along the way and started to count them. I didn’t know all their names, but I love the color, it’s vibrant, warm and energetic, especially againts the green nature surround them. My favorite one is SUNFLOWER. 

What kind of flowers do you like?