moms who waiting at school…

I’ve change my mind. I admit I have wrong.
I used to think they’re just gossiping
which is true, because I heard some does.
Or some of them use the opportunity to sell stuff
such as houseware, cosmetics, or clothes,
I saw this at my nephew kindergarten.
But as I wait for my son and daughter at school
I saw these moms actually do something great.
Last Friday they gathered and do crochet
crochet bag
they learn how to make a bag or something,
each of them took out their work from the bag,
and they teach each other some new tricks.
Before that I also saw them did some craft
Aa a matter of fact it’s their kids works
but they learned first so they can teach the kids.
As they work, they share about their problems
and other mom will give input or perspective.
I sit there, read my book or play mobile game
but I thought I should get to know them,
and learn some positive things from them…


it’s pajama’s day at work…

This week is the Literacy Week in our school. We have various program such as Book fair, Spelling Bee Competition, Storytelling, Book Cover making, and other things going on. On the storytelling day (which is today), all the elementary students were asked to wear pajama to school. I love to see them walking around in the classroom, playground, canteen and library in their sleeping outfit. Some girls wear 2 pieces pajama (top and bottom) and some wear a long sleeping gown, and mostly came in pink. They look soft and beautiful, reminds me of Wendy from Peter Pan story. The boys have something with the superhero on it and most of them are blue. Some wearing slippers and bring their favorite doll or toys. I was contemplating to bring my pajama and put it on when I got to work, but since everything running late for our family this morning, I drop the idea. It’s not a mandatory for me anyway. I just enjoy taking their pictures

Yes…exam is over!

I think most of the mothers shared the same feeling with me, although I am not the one who take the exam but I feel like I am, because I am the one who gather all the daily test paper, sat on the table with books and read them to be able to test my kids. I went to sleep late at night and wake up earlier to make sure that my kids are studying. My daughter Jasmine for some reason didn’t have the urgency to study. She treat the exam days just  like any other day. She didn’t have the worry or fear not be able to cover the whole topics in such a short time. And for some reason I am the one who took all that worries for her. A week before exam I talked to her friend Karla, who is going to a different school but also in grade 4. She expressed to me how nervous she was facing the exam, and I know Karla is a smart girl. Well I am not expect Jasmine to get “A”s in all the subject but at least she show some earnestness and meet the school standard. My son Edgar is ok, he will read the book couple times, for him that’s what studying means. I can buy that because he’s in grade one and the lessons are not that hard yet

Honestly I am not a very patient mother. I get frustrated easily when Jasmine didn’t study seriously.  Especially in Math, when she didn’t do the problems carefully and end up with wrong answer. I always hope my husband come home earlier so he can help Jasmine in study, he’s much better in Math and also more patient. Now that the exam is over, I can be more relax, but still a bit worry about the outcomes. Will my daughter’s result good or bad? I think exam is not only testing what my kids have learn at school but also testing my qualities as a mother. And I can’t say I pass this year.  So I guess if I am expect my kids to be a better students, I must also expect myself to be a better mom! Let’s see next term!

i miss D…

– During the reading program D read a book about Geography and share some stores with his seatmate.
– D tied his shoelaces 8-10 times during the whole school hours.
– D humming and singing tunes that I recognized from a western rock group (Linkin’ Park). He said he loved Rock Music.
– D worked hard for his math and got the first page right, but having a hard time to concentrate for the 2nd page.
– D had a hard time to write the instruction or information fast, need to always remind him to keep writing.
– D was having hard time working in a group. His friends always think he’s weird and call him names, tell him to shut up and kicking his leg under the table.
– He can answer when the teacher ask him question, and give his opinion.
– He played with his mechanical pencil until all broke and can’t be use anymore.
– Always make noises. The teacher Mr. R called it a “war” but I think it’s like the sound of driving a car and crashing.

– D Drew a telescope for the England project. The drawing is ok but the handwriting was poor.
– Mr. R choose him to be a narrator. He did good, but then he started to make noises again, so Mr. R found somebody else to do it.
– D’s voice is great. He has a great projection and clear when reading. And he can carry a tune when singing.
– Today he talk about his family a little bit. He has older and younger brother, about trip to the US  also about his dog. His favorite food is pizza.
– He didn’t bring color pencil so he borrowed from Mr. R.
– Still make noises like war several times. Mr. R warned him.
– Still tied his shoelaces many times but not as many as yesterday.
– Read his book while Mr. R give instruction in front of class.
– Write the things he learn about UK. The sentence are scattered,can’t really put his thought in order.

– Only couple times tied his shoelaces, and one time because it was really lose.
– Finish the 2nd page of Math and got the first page right.
– Play his role in the play nicely and exciting
– Continue the England project. Draw the Big Ben, England Flag, England Map and food.
– Always say “I am hungry” “or “this make me hungry” whenever people or himself talked about food.
– Have a hard time to communicate with A, his classmate.
– Spill water from his water bottle to the floor.

– Today D finish his Math problems correctly, and did the word problems as well.
– He had cat fight with A several times during the music class.
– He can’t play instrument, but enjoy the music.
– He said his family will go to Hong Kong for the break and he think he will be very tired because of that.
– He made a cartoon for the science project “The adventure of Perspiration”. The pictures are not super but the story is funny and understandable. He named his character Oxxy.
– Lots of practice for the UN Day. D played Prince Henry for famous people from England and a soldier for Robin Hood.
– He concentrated when perform in the stage.
– He asked my birthday and make a connection between my name and my birthday. He told me his birthday is in August.
– He did word puzzle given by Ms. J correctly. even though when he said he didn’t listen to the story attentively.

D is a child with special need I was helping 5 years ago. Event though he always make noises and hardly get along with his friends, but he was polite to me and accepted me to help him. I remember our first meeting when he was working in group with his friend and suddenly he got angry and tear up the paper they working on. He was good in Math and Science, although he couldn’t concentrate too long in listening to teacher explanation and writing. My time with him only for 6 months but it was a blessing rather than a burden. He graduated from elementary with a better self-control and gain more friends. He was transfer to another school in grade 9. I remember missing him so much during the Christmas break  that year and still misses him sometimes.

why do i like my job…?


First of all I like reading, and as a librarian I got full access to all the books here, both fiction and non fiction books. Reading just open up my horizon, and by reading I got to know a little bit of places I never visit, times I never been, and people I never meet. By reading I got to know different author and their writing style, and that inspired me in my writings too

This job is related to what I studied for my Bachelor Degree, which is Library Science. Although back then was not so advance like today, but the principle is just the same. I enjoy the cataloging, finding the Dewey Number, the daily circulation even as simple as plastic wrapping the book.

I love my co-workers. Both the teachers and the admin are people who enjoyable to work with. We greet and smile to each other when we met. Some take the times to listen to you, even though everybody are busy with their works. I enjoy lunch with the admin staff every working day. We had a staff retreat once a year, and outing to refresh and bonding with each other.

I like the environment. The school is laid in the south where it’s greener than other part of the city, its not too big, but not too small. The Library has a big glass window so I have a really nice view toward the playground where the kids play. We have some trees in the yard and the vine plants cover the big fences around the school. 

I am happy to help the kids in their learning process. There is nothing like see a child exciting to study out new things. Some kids love to read in the library and some borrow book everyday. Although I always  need to remind them about the rules, but all in all it’s part of their education.

Apart from that, I also enjoy the events we have through the year; Literacy Week, Christmas Celebration, UN Day, ITC & Science Fair, SLI Cup, Family Fun Day even Graduation. I also got a chance to help in our some of our school productions such ANNIE and JOSEPH as props manager, and lastly i enjoy to be the official school photographer, so I can take picture of all the occassions.

This is my 6th year working in SLI and by June next year I have participated with one batch of students completed their elementary years. I thank God for giving me this job!

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last day of school…


Today is the highlight of my week because is the last day of school for the students, so their going to have class party. They can come at 9 o’clock, but some students show up very early, either their parents didn’t read the agenda, or the student himself are so exciting about today. they come in free clothes so today will be colorful, not just blue, white and light brown of our uniform

The parents will prepare food for their kids to bring. The teacher or class mom usually organize it, so some students will bring food and some drinks. So the class will be arrange, food and drinks will be put on the table in the middle of the class, and the chair will be arrange on the side. Teachers will prepare activities for the students, usually games or movie, they will do it until the time to eat their food.

I usually enjoy going from class to class, eat pizza here, and drink juice there. Ice cream, potato chips, soft drinks, french fries, You can name all the fun food children love. But I am not just eating, I also take pictures. I love to take pictures of the students in their regular clothes, they seems so fun and free, not like during the school days and in uniform. Maybe because the exam are over and their going for vacation. Or maybe because we don’t expect them to act in the certain rules that we usually do. The atmosphere is just so relax and happy.

As much as we struggle to teach them or discipline them, but when it comes to the last day of school, I feel like I am going to miss them, cause they will be away for a while. Some even move to another school or country. So I will enjoy today as much as I can.