Indigo Blue by Cathy Cassidy

indiIndi‘s mom love blue that’s why she named her daughters Indigo and Misti.
But Indi never knew her father, they live with Max, her mom’s boyfriend.
Indi is 11 and she went to Kellway Comp, she has a best friend name Jo.
Indi loves to daydream, she always come to school early so she can do it.
She dream about her father come to picked her up in an indigo blue Ferrari.
Life is not going well at home, her mom and max fights almost everyday
One day Max hit her mom, so she took Indi and her sister away from home.
They move to a damp apartment and have so little money to start new.
While at school Indi’s friendship was threat by a new girl Aisha Patel,
Jo also warned her not to like Shane the boy she has a crush on.
But she got a main role when their class decided to do a play on Oliver
Her mom saw Max and got all sentimental about it, they also run out money.
Indi have to take care of the house and her sister while her mother don’t feel well
Indi was confused and went to visit Ian their neighbour who is very helpful,
from his phone Indi called Jane, her mom’s bestfriend, to come to help them.
Indi become friend with Aisha when Jo got angry to her about her Role.
It turn out Aisha who is an Indian also has a difficult life, her father left them.
With Aisha, Indi can share about her struggle, things Jo can never understand.
With the help of Ian, her mom gets better and got a job at the supermarket
Life supposed to be better but suddenly Max show up and ruin their life
She asked Anna, indi’s mom, to have dinner and leave Indi and Misty alone
The electricity went off, her sister cried and she couldn’t find the flashlight
The night was so scary when she found out her mother got into hospital
not because of a car accident but it was an assault and Max did it.
Indi’s Grandma, came from Wales and take care of them but she missed the play.
The end of the story said Indi went back to School and get her friendship back with Jo.


don’t want to quit writing…

Reading someone else writings supposed to make me feel inspired and wanted to write more, but sorry to say most of the time I end up feel like a failure, I could never become a writer. I am hopeless.

I just read some writings of my fellow bloggers Lua Fowles and Maimoona Rahman , and my thought was… man! they are so young but their writing are so good. Where they got all the words and put it in the right place, create a powerful sentence that pierce to my mind. They even express their struggles in such a beautiful way. Where was I when I was that age, why didn’t I take creative writing at school or something. I feel like I can’t never be like them, I feel so behind.

Then I will make some excuses in my head; that English is not my first language, so I can’t write like that, but even in my own Bahasa Indonesia, I still lack of words, hardlyput together a great sentence,  always run out ideas what to say, what to write. I also think that as a mother of 2 kids, I have no time to think those things, but hey… Stephanie Meyers who wrote the Twilight Saga is also a mom, and she can published those great novels.

here i am having a passion for writing, a dream to publish a piece of story if not a book but have so little skill and time. Then again I have told myself to take it easy,  I write cause I like it, so do not compared yourself with others. I have my own style, my unique experience, I just need to expose myself to those great writers, practice, get some inputs, open my mind and keep on writing. For as long as I can get out some of my ideas, express my thoughts, I write, then I am a writer. Right?