sunday @ bagel bagel

yesterday we went to church without kids. they were sick so we’re left them home.

I went to morning service then volunteer at the Sunday school after that.

I was put In Ezra Class, the kids were practice for their Christmas performance.

I keep on busy while waiting for my husband who was also had a meeting.

So after 2 I haven’t eat anything and didn’t feel like eat the street food nearby.

I was craving for Zuppa Zup, the warm creamy soup in bread but couldn’t find it

My husband offered to stop by bagel bagel on the way home and I buy the idea.

Nobody there when we get in. i order cheese and bacon in Sesame seed Bagel.

It took awhile for the chef to make it, but i was there enjoy the moment, 

I sat across from Yudi looking at  the street from the glass door,

It was cloudy and windy outside just the right weather I want for this occasion.

The Bagel is not cheap for our pocket, so I plan to make the best of my money.

I enjoy every single bite, share small pieces to my husband (he already ate lunch)

use ketchup and Chilly Sauce, taking pictures, use the rest room and stay longer

just to watched Cafe Channel Flat Screen TV on the up corner of the room

about life of sheep and how to cook lamb beef somewhere in Norway,…

The guy on TV make me feel like cooking is so easy and enjoyable.

On the way home i told my husband that I like what we just did and I am happy.








easy like sunday morning…

Even though is not as rush as week days, I still have to wake up early on Sunday morning to get ready for church. Especially when my husband is on duty as Song Leader, he will leave early and I have to help the kids to get ready by myself. But yesterday the service was move to the afternoon, cause we have a guest preacher from America coming. On Friday night my husband try to get hold of his friend, to invite them for an adventure with our family, but he didn’t answer. I also try to SMS some friends, but since it’s very late, they didn’t reply till the morning. So we have no one come with us which is fine, cause we always do this on our own anyway (mostly Saturday).  

The sunshine so bright, I have no worry about raining like some morning earlier this week. I just notice that most Sunday morning through out the year were shining, I can’t think of any Sunday where I was struggle to go to church because of raining. After breakfast, we took a walk toward the back road of our house and went through the village. There was no traffic and many kids play outside. I felt so free go out in a t-shirt, short and  flip-flop. We all haven’t taken any shower yet, just brush our teeth and wash the face. No worry what people would think about me like in working days.

We went down a quite steep stairs, then come to a river with a small bridge without handle, my daughter like always got scared in the middle and sit down. My son who was in the front went back to rescue her. My husband was in the back to make sure they are ok, I was already across to take a video with my handphone. Right after we all cross we can see a  pond with lots of fish in the middle of a settlement. There some trees on the edge, and as my husband take a walk around the pond, I help my son to climb up the tree. He loves to climb! Then we walk a little further and found a park with a basket ball and badminton court in the middle. My kids running around and climbing, but my husband and me find a spot with the shade to pray.

After pray, my husband come with an idea to catch the falling leaves. I never though we will have so much fun doing that. It seems easy but is not. We have to wait for the wind to blow and shake the top of the tree causes the dry and yellowish leaves to fall, then we will run after them. My husband catched 2 and my son 1 during half hour of playing. I am quite happy video taping them, and my daughter was more interested playing with the grass. We usually continue our walk till we reach the mall, but this time since it was late we decided to go home. On the way back we bought  gado-gado (mix veggies with peanut sauce), for some reason my son have a craving for that. Then I let my kids shower outside and get inside a big bucket with warm water. The rest of the day is watching TV and nap for them, but my husband and I did some cleaning and tidying the house before we went to the evening service.

Even though at noon there are some interuption from friends with their SMS and phone call, but Just like Lionel Richie’ song “Easy like Sunday Morning”. That’s how I feel about yesterday.

Ooh,that’s why I’m easy
I’m easy like sunday morning
That’s why I’m easy
I’m easy like sunday morning

I wanna be high, so high
I wanna be free to know
The things I do are right
I wanna be free
Just me, babe!