too busy too write…

Too many things going on in my life this past 2 weeks and I don’t know where to begin to write them all. But if I don’t I am going to missed them, so I write things that stuck on my mind, they are:

Learn how to cook Ketupat, Sambel Goreng Hati and Opor Ayam. These are the menu for Lebaran Day and I’ve been craving those food during this time.

My kids’ friends came to sleep over at our house. I told them if they can sleep in non AC room and don’t afraid of dog, I don’t mind at all.

Become the MC, photographer and entertained people in my friend’s son birthday party when I feel really-really tired.

Invite some friends to have dinner with us. Thank God the cook turned out well and Niyomee behaved.

Went to Ciawi for my uncle Birthday Party and had a great time. I especially love the singing Ambonese songs together while holding hands.

Happy to meet an old friend I haven’t see for about 30 years, but not happy with the food served by the restaurant we went to. Expensive but nothing special….

My husband’s cousins came from Surabaya for a job test. Glad to have them for 2 nights at our place. But happy that after they go sleeping arrangement can go back to normal.

My  kids went swimming 3X in a week. and they still think it’s not enough.  Lucky we only have to pay the 2nd one.

Feel bad because I can’t help my friend with the translation she need to submit and didn’t got a chance to visit another friend who just got an operation at the hospital.

Visit my sis-in-law new home at Cibubur area. Too bad the other can’t make it, but we had fun talking, eating and Karaokeing.

Can’t go to the airport to say goodbye to my Dad, brother and sisters who are leaving for London. But maybe it’s good for me because I can be jealous to see people traveling.

Exciting to see my kids saved the money they received from people, they aim to buy BB.

Love my husband for buy me Pandan Bali and put some effort to find out about the Baloon Ride on the internet just because I said I want to do it .




our getaway…

The vacation is almost over and I want to have time just with my kids, so last week I took 2 days off. Thursday morning we’re getting ready, and even though I wanted to enjoy my day  earlier, but I have to stop by at work and get some stuff done, and after that it’s my husband turn to go to his office and finished his work. So we end up checked in ALiLA Hotel Pecenongan, Jakarta at 4 pm.  When we entered our room, my kids were so exciting with the whole thing, they explore the bathroom, try out the bed, search the TV channels,  peep inside the fridge, including open and close the safety box.

Then I took them to the pool. It was the perfect time because there were nobody at first and is not too hot outside. I let them jump into the pool, although they can’t swim yet, but they are brave and learning. And for me I enjoy the sunset and my book (My Sister’s Keeper by Jody Picoult). Then more and more people came. Kids, teenagers, adults, and I feel a little bit disturb but hey, it’s not my private pool, this is a hotel.

My kids are getting colder so by 5.30 I took them back to the room and let them have a warm water in the bathtub. I watched TV cause I don’t have most of the Channels at home. I watched American’s Idol, American Got talent, and Glee (the one that I was long to see for a long time) and  love it, especially the songs. Then my husband went out to buy us dinner, to eat in the hotel will cost us a fortune, and the street where the hotel lay is very famous for their food stall at night. So he grab me some Kwetiau (a kind of noodle) and Roti Bakar (barbeque bread) for my kids. We’re eating in the room while we’re watch TV. The I asked my husband if he wants to go for Sauna (because it’s free), we leave our kids watching cartoon for 30 minutes and enjoy ourselves. After 9 my kids were falling asleep cause the room was so nice and comfy, the AC made us stay tight under the soft and warm blanket. But is not the end for my husband and I cause our friend promised to visit us. They came very late and end up checked in as well, so we went to visit them in their room. But they are so tired so we just stay for little while and go back.

My favorite part staying in the hotel is the breakfast. I really enjoy eating different kind of food. 4 of us sat in the middle of cafe Buzz, with a beautiful yellow flower decorated our table and smell good in the atmosphere. I help my kids chose their food, while my husband attended our table. We started with dim sum,  Chicken Porridge (my son love this one), cereal, breads, and the list keep goes on for me. I stay away from noodle or rice cause it made me full easily. My friends came and join us. Her kids are smaller, so she has to really watch them eat.

We’re finish about 9.30 am, my kids were begging for swimming, so I took them to the pool again, and as my friend’s son come with us, I had to watch him carefully before his mother and father join us. He didn’t want to wear his pants, so he’d swim naked. So cute. So happy to see them enjoying their moment, so I took some pictures and video for the remembrance. Then it gets too hot, so I took them back to the room by 11.

My husband has to leave early cause he has a meeting, so I enjoy the last hour with my kids before we checked out. I was glad cause at first they said we have to pay for the kids’ breakfast, but when I want to give my credit card they say there is no bill from the restaurant, so no need to pay. Hoooorayyy! So Basically we stay and eat for free cause for staying we use the reward from my husband credit card. On the way back home, we eat lunch at KFC. I feel fresh and ready to go back to my normal life. If you have no time to go out-of-town for some fun, staying in the hotel for a night is a great getaway.