through the glass window


looking at my working table

full of papers, endless works

looking through the big glass window 

children playing happily, freely

which one is real? which one is better?

here in my office or out there in the field.

My body is here my mind is there.

If i go through that glass window will i be happier?


Hello World!

I should have done this long time ago! But I am too lazy to try or too afraid to learn. So making this blog in a way is like paying a debt, because I feel like I owe myself this for not express what I feel and what I think consistenly. There are so many things happen everyday in my life, and for sure I get an insight and write something about it. I don’t know how much longer God will entrust me with this life, but I pray and hope that the rest of it will be use to the full.

I also have a blog in Bahasa Indonesia if you like to visit.

Happy Reading!