a butterfly for my girl…

my girl Jasmine is sick
she’s not been feeling well since Sunday
I let her rest at home on Monday
Because she got headache and fever
Tuesday morning she felt better
I allow her to go to school
but poor girl she only manage one period
the rest of the day she stay in the clinic
we brought her to the doctor in the afternoon
he suggest for blood test just in case
thank God the result shows nothing bad
Maybe she just need some rest
Today we decided she will stay home
my husband went out and found a butterfly
he brought it in and put it close to her
it stay for awhile then it fly away…


when i was sick…

I catch cold all the time, maybe because of my sinus or allergic to dust, I can’t really tell which one. But I hardly got sick and call off from work. That day, I felt my body was warm, first I thought it’s because the gray cardigan I was wearing. But then I always feel great with warm temperature, I don’t like cold. I struggles with AC all the time. So I figure out that I am not feeling well.

When I got home, I started to feel dizzy, I try to drink hot tea, that’s usually my quick medicine for a headache, but that time it didn’t help at all. I take care of my kids dinner, and while they were eating I fall of sleep. I didn’t even know what time my husband got home, and wheather or not they made their homework. In the middle of the night I woke up with a severe headache and my body is hot. I try to go back to sleep but can’t, so I went out of the room and watched TV for a while. Then at 2 I went back to my room and tried to sleep.

In the morning I decided to call the office to let them know I won’t be working that day because I was miserable. My husband gets the kids ready and drop them to school, and he went straight to work. I made myself porridge and hot tea. I also sit at the front door to catch the morning sunshine and that make me feel a bit better. I try to rest, but since we don’t have maid, even when I am sick, I still have to tidy up and clean the house. And as all of you mother knows, there are always something you can do in the house. So after I finished, I prepared lunch for my kids, and so on.

Funny because after all the work I feel even better, maybe because saw the house clean and spend more time with my kids brought comfort to me. In the afternoon when my husband home I felt much-much better. I woke up the next morning with a great feeling, so decided to go back to work. I know I just need sometimes to rest, but stay at home didn’t mean a rest for me.