back to library…

related to one of my resolution which is back to read
Today we decided to enrolled our family in a library
love the name Rimba Baca means Reading Jungle
is not far from my house and closed to my kids school
almost every week we past it on the way home from church
It’s open for more than a year but it’s our first time stop by
The place is nice, 2 story building full of air conditioner
As we come in the shelves with lots of book are so inviting
As I talk to the “librarian” my daughter started to roaming
She also loves to read so she’s just exciting as I was
My husband and son came in later and they also liked it
It has children books downstairs and adults books upstairs
The books are mostly English and some Indonesia and other language
So cozy with sofa, chairs and tables, even beanbag on the floor
They also have a room for craft activity with an assistant
and every Saturday they have story telling event
as an ex-librarian I go around check for the books and everything
even though it doesn’t use DDC and the common library system
but this is the concept of library I’ve been always dream of
So we pay the membership fee and borrow 5 books right away
I think this will be one of the place we will visit often this year.

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dealing with my past…

Last Saturday we help mom and dad cleaned their house
This is a big project my brother Pierre initiated
I am 100% for it because I do love cleaning up
and it will be fun and lighter to do it together
during the cleaning we found many old stuff
pictures, books, document, letters and many other things.
mine were put in trash bags to be sort out later
the cleaning lasted 10 hours, we go home very tired

Today I just get the time to go through my things
2 bags full of letters, some are from my penpal abroad
I remember when I join an international friendship club
and got mails from US, Germany, Estonia even Pakistan
and others from my family and friends when I was in college
there are also postcards, birthday and Christmas cards
And I even found my old song books and diary from 1986

Read some of the letters bring backs so many memories
Some friends are still keep in touch through Facebook
but the others are nowhere to be found I’ve try searching
Read my diary even more sentimental, see myself in my 20’s
so young and energic, full of live, hopes and dreams
am I now really become what I want to be that time?
Read some card make me happy and sad at the same time
people wrote many nice things about me, I’ve touch some lives
But where are the unconditional love and passion now?

Going through old stuff this time of the year isn’t too bad
It’s actually help me to regain some things I have lost
It also help me to refocus what I really need to achieve in the future
After sort out what to throw away, I keep the rest in a box
My husband help me to keep it in the storeroom
Maybe one day I can reopen it and share some here in my blog
But for now it’s enough coz my allergic of dust started to kick in

sick of books?

I am a librarian, and the reason why i choose the major at the first place is because i love reading and i love books. But this is the time of the year when i am sick of books. why? because this is the time when all the students return all the library books and text books back to school, and it’s my responsibility to check them one by one, make sure all the school’s books are back. In a way i should be happy because all my kids are back to me, but imagine there are more than 300 students in this school and each students must return at least 5 books to me. I don’t even want to do the math. It’s overwhelming.

So when one of the parents ask me, “where are you going during the vacation?”, i answered “what vacation?”.  Teachers got vacation, but librarian not . In fact the mount of work for me during this time is greater than the work during the school year. So i can only ask for 2 or 3 days off so that i can take my kids swimming or something. Basically during this time i have to prepare books for the new school year. We bought new books for additional students, plastic wrap them, replace the broken plastic wrap from the old books, labeling all the books with students name, data Entry for new library books, and the list keep going on. I also helps teacher with their books, especially new teachers.

So don’t blame me for hating books right now. Overall I am grateful for this job, i am so thankful for all the  friends who are always helping me. Other than that the working hour in vacation only from 07.00 to 13.00. So i can go home early everyday. It’s my 5th year in this place, and i thank God for this job.

books I have read

 Greatbook by Khaled Hosseini! 

Can you change your past? Of course Not! But what can you do to reduce your guilty feeling you burried inside? That’s what Amir does.

It’s about 2 young boys in Afghanistan. One fight his way out of the place for his safety but carry a big hole in his heart. The other one stay and stand for what he believes but die in dignity.

If you looking for a thrilling romance? Got to read this one.

Bella moved to Forks, not expecting that she will face an unordinary life in that small and ordinary town. Meet a vampire family, fall in love to Edward and put her live in dangers,

But just like any other love story, you’ll do anything for your love. What amazed me is How Stephanie Meyer wrote this Twilight Saga from just a short dream she has one night. In that case I wish I was her.

As far as I know, teenagers as well as housewife love this book. Enjoy!

This book can make you depress but addicted at the same time.

It’s about 3 siblings who are trying to survive from their evil uncle. And luckily they all have some kind skill and knowledge (and is not supernatural ones) that can save them in times of trouble.

It’s a bit dragging after 7 books, but still worth to read because Lemony Snicket is such an interesting writer.

If You look for a happy ending love story, this is not for you.

But Jodi Picoult has a great skill to explain what happen in court as much as what happen to the characters mind.

She got me interesting to read all her books.

In this book, Nicholas Sparks has a way to explain a man’s feeling about a relationship.

Jeremy from New York and Lexie from Boone Creek, North Carolina were totally 2 different person who fall in love. They have to work through the way they think and their community to find their real love for each other.

happy reading!