d r e a m . . .

my daughter’s woke up early morning
she told me she had a dream
she asked me to stay by her side
and listen to the story
she dream of a big castle with a funny dog
That remind me when I was in her age
I really love to dream
I dream about being chase by a murder,
and feel like I couldn’t move my feet.
I dream about being fall and flying,
and when I fly, I fly like a butterfly
I dream about found valuable things
when I woke up I look for it under my pillow
Back then I can control some of my dreams
If I had a nightmare, I know it.
I would tell myself “It’s just a dream”
and I don’t feel afraid anymore
When I woke up in the middle of my dream,
I just concentrate, back to sleep
and there I go, the dream’s continued.
I remember kept a dream diary,
where I write the details of all my dreams
I think I can remember my dreams
because mostly happen in the morning.
I still dream but not that much
and not as outrages as when I was a teen.
I love dreams even when it scary
and I love when my daughter share hers to me.


one of my dream is bike to work. not because i want to follow the trend that is started to bloom recently in Jakarta, but I really want this for a long time.

I remember the first bike i received when I was in grade 3. My father bought it after i went through tonsil removal surgery. I am so happy with the bike, because I’ve been learning to bike with other people’s bike (an adult one). Once I “borrowed” someone’s bike without telling him and ride it to the big street. I got hit by “becak” (a kind of rickshaw) and almost pass out but still have to apologize cause the bike is a bit crooked). I remember decorate my bike and be part of a parade on an Independence Day celebration. When I was in highschool, one time during a vacation, my cousin and I ride our bike to the country side. We brought just enough money to buy food on our way, but we ride quite a long distance and i never forget that adventure.

Actually I got the idea 5 years ago, a colleague of mine tell me how she’s been bike to work. She would leave early in the morning with sporty outfit, then when she got to the office, she will take shower and change to work clothes. I am so amazed by her, now a days more and more people doing it, but for me is still a dream. I have told my husband and ask him to buy me a nice bike, but bike price is not cheap, so I have to be patient. Meanwhile I have to practice because this is not going to be easy at first, the distance from my house my work is 20 km. It’s about 30 minutes by motorcycle.

I believe that bike to work, will help solving some of the traffic jam problems in Jakarta. There are too many cars already, and too many pollution, why don’t we reduce the car using and start to bike more?, Just this morning my friend told me that the government suggest students and teachers to bike to school, if the live near by, don’t have to always drive car. I totally agree with that. On my way to work I have seen some students did that. But I think the government have to facilitate this, so parents won’t be worry about their kids safety on the streets.

I remember when visiting my family in Holland. That country is amazing because they have a special line for bikers, inside a city or town, people prefer to bike rather than drive. The town is clean, no pollution, the street is saved. When can we be like that?

Hello World!

I should have done this long time ago! But I am too lazy to try or too afraid to learn. So making this blog in a way is like paying a debt, because I feel like I owe myself this for not express what I feel and what I think consistenly. There are so many things happen everyday in my life, and for sure I get an insight and write something about it. I don’t know how much longer God will entrust me with this life, but I pray and hope that the rest of it will be use to the full.

I also have a blog in Bahasa Indonesia if you like to visit.

Happy Reading!