Indigo Blue by Cathy Cassidy

indiIndi‘s mom love blue that’s why she named her daughters Indigo and Misti.
But Indi never knew her father, they live with Max, her mom’s boyfriend.
Indi is 11 and she went to Kellway Comp, she has a best friend name Jo.
Indi loves to daydream, she always come to school early so she can do it.
She dream about her father come to picked her up in an indigo blue Ferrari.
Life is not going well at home, her mom and max fights almost everyday
One day Max hit her mom, so she took Indi and her sister away from home.
They move to a damp apartment and have so little money to start new.
While at school Indi’s friendship was threat by a new girl Aisha Patel,
Jo also warned her not to like Shane the boy she has a crush on.
But she got a main role when their class decided to do a play on Oliver
Her mom saw Max and got all sentimental about it, they also run out money.
Indi have to take care of the house and her sister while her mother don’t feel well
Indi was confused and went to visit Ian their neighbour who is very helpful,
from his phone Indi called Jane, her mom’s bestfriend, to come to help them.
Indi become friend with Aisha when Jo got angry to her about her Role.
It turn out Aisha who is an Indian also has a difficult life, her father left them.
With Aisha, Indi can share about her struggle, things Jo can never understand.
With the help of Ian, her mom gets better and got a job at the supermarket
Life supposed to be better but suddenly Max show up and ruin their life
She asked Anna, indi’s mom, to have dinner and leave Indi and Misty alone
The electricity went off, her sister cried and she couldn’t find the flashlight
The night was so scary when she found out her mother got into hospital
not because of a car accident but it was an assault and Max did it.
Indi’s Grandma, came from Wales and take care of them but she missed the play.
The end of the story said Indi went back to School and get her friendship back with Jo.


back to reading…

It’s kind of sad but embarrasing at the same time
to admit that I haven’t read that much book last year
Maybe only 4? or 5 the most
compare to the previous years when I still work
I can read up to 40 books a year
Not because I have no time but the focus that got swift
There are cable TV and Internet at home
that easier to reach when I have free time
Is also not because I have no books
There are more than enough unread books on the shelf
waiting for me to open and dive into it
3 days ago I decided to started with one
“Because of Winn-Dixie” by kate DiCamillo
And I am glad I decided to pick this one
because this 182 pages book from Scholastic enchanted me
The story is simply told but magical
it’s about a girl with a funny name India Opal Buloni
found a dog by accident and name it Winn-Dixie
since that time on her life is change to the better
she met with an old lady who own a library and told her great stories
she become friend with Otis who play music for the animal
she found out 10 things about her mother who leave them
she eat peanut butter sandwich with a lady who the kids thought is a witch
she got to understand why Amanda Wilkinson face was always pinched up
she become friends with the 2 boys who always pick on her
and she got to appreciate her father – the preacher – more
I told this story to my kids before they go to sleep
I haven’t did this for a long time since I have no story in my head
my kids love the story and like the fact that I read for them
so I think I should keep on reading now…should I?

angels and demons…

I just finished read the book “Angels and Demons” by Dan Brown. It took me a month to finish this book because I have to share it with my co-worker Santa. She the one who got interested in the book first but she didn’t borrow it. I pick up the book from where she leave it, and started to read couple pages, then I couldn’t put it down even though I still read another book. I told her that the story is interesting, she agreed so I promised to finish as soon as possible. Due to many reason I didn’t get to finished the book before lebaran break, but I have promised, so I pass the book on to Santa so she can read it during her trip to Jogja. I get the book back couple days ago, long after the break because she also haven’t finish. I get back to page 484 where I put my bookmark and lost in the adventure of Robert Langdon once again.

Robert is an expert in Religious Symbols. One night he got call from STERN, someone got murder and they need his help. In one night Robert found him self in a very exclusive science lab in the world and have to figure out who murder the Leonard Vetra, the brilliant Scientist whose body branded with the word ILLUMINATI. Robert believed that Illuminati society have extinct, but she have to prove it by fly to Vatican and faced more and more symbols related to that people. He was company by Vittoria Vetra, the daughter of the victim. Both they meet Commander Olivetti the head of Swiss Guard, then Camerlengo, the assistant of the Pope who is now in charge because the Pope just pass away sometimes before. They both risking their life by went from one historical places to another one try to saved the Cardinals who were kidnap and murder one by one by the assassin. But the main purpose is to save people from the explosion of antimatter, a substance that was found by Vittoria and her father, that was stolen from STERN and put somewhere inside the Vatican City.

The end of the story is truly surprising for me because to tell you the true I am not a person who can easily guess who is the bad guy and the good one. The author was successful lead me to think this person is the angel, but it turned out it’s the demon and the reverse. I can reveal only that much, if you want to know more, please read the book yourself. Now I can return the book to Santa so she can finish it.

who’s murder Vicky Rai?…

Finally after 3 weeks, I finished the book yesterday. And like I said after read the “Slumdog Millionaire” I become the fans of Mr. Swarup writings. It’s amazing how he can connect 6 people to the murder of Vicky Ray, a young enterpreneur who own the Rai Group of Industries. Vicky was known for his arrogance, playboy lifestyle and many times escape the law for the criminal acts he committed. Therefore he has many enemies. One day he killed Ruby Gill a doctorate student from Delhi University who was working as a bartender to support her family. After going through 5 years trials Vicky received a full acquittal, and he threw a party to celebrate it. There were he got killed. There are 6 suspects with their own story and motive:

1. The Bureaucrat Mohan Kumar one day attending a seance with his misstress Rita only to found himself was posessed by Mahatma Gandhi Spirit. So One day he can turn to be a very nice person in the world who eat no meat and help other people, but the next day he can go back to his Mohan self who is very selfish. He has a loyal driver Brijlal who loyaly take him wherever he go with expectation that Mohan will help his family, and he has a wife who always pray for him. One day as Gandhi he got into jail from a strikes about the nudity in Indian movies. In prison he help the criminals to be good, they really respect him and called him Baba Gandhi. He become famous for that. He came to Vicky’s party because he used to work for him and was invited.

2. The Actress Shabnam Saxena, Pretty, Sexy, Young and Talented. She’s the dream girl of all Indian man. Vicky Rai want her but she refused him. One day she found a girl name Ram Dulary whom look exactly like her, she took her to her house, first made her as a cook, but later train her to be just like her. When she got sick she sent Ram to some event, and Ram did it very well. She event taught her how to sign when her fans asking for signature. When she came back from Australia, her assistance Bhola and Ram betrayed her. Using her signature, they withdraw money from her account, and sign some contract using her name. In the mist of that, her sister got raped and somehow manage to kill the raper. Shabnam came to help her sister and she went to Vicky’s party to asked for help eventhough she has to pay Vicky with her body.

3. The Thief Munna Mobile whom actually a university graduate even though his mother only a temple cleaner. His father pass away many years ago, got hit by a car and he lives with his mother and adopted sister Champy. He had work in a mobile phone shop for awhile but somehow the old habbit stealing always come back to him. One day he stole a mobile phone from a man in a car, from that mobile he received a call told him to go to an alley next to a public school to find a briefcase full of money. He bought nice clothes and went to a club where he met Ritu, a rich girl he end up falling in love with. One day Ritu was hit by his brother Vicky because of her love affair, so Munna wanted to take Ritu away from his harsh father and brother when the owner of the briefcase found him and broke all of his fingers. He still manage to come and meet Ritu at her brother’s party.

4. The Politician Jagannath Rai, whom also the father of the victim is the Home Minister of Uttar Pradesh. He is willing to do anything to get him to the position he always dream of The Chief Minister. He trust Swami Haridas whom he call Guruji as his personal and spiritual advisor. He has a wife but has many other women including Seema Bisht a reporter from Mashaal Channel. He has a daughter name Ritu who fall in love to Munna Mobile the Thief. He paid people to support him for the higher position but many people back away because of his son’s criminal acts. That cause him to order one of his man to kill his own son Vicky and think just like Abraham sacrifice his son to God.

5. The American Larry Page who was always mistaken for the Google Guy, came all the way from Texas to marry Sapna Singh an Indian girl he’s been correspondence with, but end up in big trouble. Con by a K. P. Gupta a detective who he paid 5000 Rupees to help him find his mail-order bride who never show up and gave him the picture of the actrees Shabnam Saxena. He also was sold by Bilal a friend he trusted to a group of Terorist, but end up under the Witness protecting Programme as Rick Meyers, a film Produser. He came to Vicky Rai’s party to met Shabnam whom he believe the same person as Sapna.

6. The Tribal Eketi from The island call Little Andaman in the Bay of Bengal. He came to India on a quest for ingetayi the ancient stone, shaped like a phallus, which had been protecting his tribe for centuries. He was helped by Ashok Rajput a welfare officer who infact has his own agenda to stole the stone for his own advantage. On his quest Eketi met different people such as Mike A Nigerian, Inspector Pandey, Dolly the Eunuch and fall in love to Champy the Bhopal face girl who was also sister of Munna Mobile. He came to Number Six, Vicky Rai’s farmhouse because Ashok told him that the stone is there.

So who’s the murderer? Sorry, like my friend Abby always said when we watch a movie together “I won’t spoil it for you”, read the book and follow the adventure of each character and find out the answer for yourself.

slumdog millionaire (the book vs the movie)…

People said the book is usually better than the movie, I try to prove it. So I am reading the book that originally title Q & A; A novel wrote by Vikas Swarup, an Indian Diplomat who is serving in South Africa when the book is published. This book has been translate into 34 languages and as we all know adopted in a major motion picture. I have seen the movie about a year ago, and found it very interesting and entertaining.
But after I read the book, I feel like it’s a different story. Although the flot is similar, but there are so many things in the book didn’t show up in the movie. I guess they try to simplify the story and make it easy to digest for public.

Basically the story is about a boy who grew up in the slums area then became a contestant on the Indian version of “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?”. Suprisingly he can answer all the questions correctly but he got arrested under suspicion of cheating, and while being interrogated, events from his life history are shown which explain why he knows the answers. The Director of the Movie is Danny Boyle, The screenplay by Simon Beaufoy and the character was play by Dev Patel.

As today I have read until page 207, and the differences I notice between the movie and the book are:

The name of character was change from Ram Mohammad Thomas to Jamal K. Malik. There are also name changed for other characters.

In the book, the character is an orphan who’s adopt by a pastor name Father Timothy and grew up in the Catholic Church environment, but in the movie, he has a family although his mother pass away in one of the riot in India.

In the Book, Salim was a friend he met in a Juvenile house for boys, they were taken by Maman to be make into begger but they runaway. In the movie, Salim is his brother.

In the movie, the first question is about Amitabh Bachchan, the famous Bollywood actor who’s Jamal favor the most that he would do anything to get his signature. But in the book it was Armaan Ali who was Salim’s favourite Indian actor but it turn out was a gay.

In the movie there is a girl name Latika whom Jamal fall in love and fight to find her, but in the book it was Nita, a prostitute girl she met in Agra.

As far as I remember there are no story about Neelima Kumari, the Tragedy Queen of Indian Movie, or Colonel Taylor the Autralian whom Thomas once work in his house, or about Thomas murder a man who rob his money on the train, or about an Army retired and one leg Balwant Singh who lied about his heroic act in the war, and about Ahmed Khan who was a contract killer that saved Salim’s life, even Swapna Devi who deny his own son Shankar in the movie.

Both the movie and the book has a happy ending, but somehow the book stunned me more, the end is unpredictable. The life of Thomas may seems to be full of coincidence or maybe I should say luck, but the way the Author put it is so smooth and beautiful. You may count me as one of Mr. Swarup fans.

Next I will be reading “Six Suspect” by the same Author.

a sweet surprise…

my daughter jasmine told me couple weeks ago…”mom, it turn out I like to read”. Me as mom love to hear that, because I like reading and I’ve been trying to pass it to my kids. When they were small I always try my best to read for them before bed times. Even now when I have the time, but instead of story books, I try to read some entry from the children encyclopedia I bought couple years ago, topics that they like of course. Now that she’s in grade 4, Jasmine can read on her own, she always make the time to read before sleep. I knew this from the books I found on her bed, while kiss her good night. When I brought home some books from work, and she was so happy and enjoy them.

Yesterday she asked me if she can borrow my mobile phone. I asked who do you want to call?, she said “I want to call Papa, because I want to plan something with him”. I told her just send a sms because I have no pulsa for calling. She agree but asked me not to check her sms, because it’s a secret. I promised. When Jasmine was asleep, my husband called me and asked if I have read this book or that book. He’s in a bookstore. I asked why bother? He told me that my lovely daughter asked him to buy me a good english novel. Isn’t that sweet?

Well, I told my husband not to rush, take time to search for a good book, maybe a book about a mom and daughter or about a girl adventure. I guess jasmine wants me to always have stock of stories to tell her. Usually when we took the kids to school, on our way I will tell them a story from the book I recently read. But anyway I really appreciate her effort to give me a surprise, even though my husband sort of reveale it. Now I am planning to give a surprise back to her.

Note after the sweet surpriseThe next day I received a gift, wrap nicely with blue ribbon. I wonder when she did it? and what book she (and my husband) got for me. I open the wrapping paper carefully and Voila…it’s Wuthering Height! Well I like the story…but that’s my own book. It turn out that Jasmine was given a task from one of her class to appreciate mother and to give her something. She told my husband to get a book for me. So after my husband couldn’t get a book from the bookstore, as he came home Jasmine insist that it need to be given that day, so my husband took the “Wuthering Height” from a drawer (I bet he was hoping I don’t remember that book or he might think that’s not my book), then help Jasmine to wrap it. I thank my daughter but I protest… and asked her to tell her father to get me something else instead.

learn from another writer…(4)

Title: Lily B on the brink of cool
Author: Elizabeth Cody Kimmel
Publisher: Puffin

Lily write this as a diary for her summer project for Advanced English. Another reason was; she wanted this writing to record the true of her life for the benefit of future scholars. She thought her life is boring and she blame her parents for that. But that summer she face something bizarre that change her perspective toward her life, family and friendship. I think this book is helping parents to understand what is going through in their teenager kids’ mind, and I love it because is quite funny. Some of the lines I hope came from my brain:

My life lacks excitements. It’s worse than that, actually. My life lacks action. Conflict. Drama. My life lacks anything of substance…. The rich and varied scope of human experience has passed me by. I am a unintresting person. I lack the raw materials necessary to produce a great novel. (Page 1)

This is very strange. The Cool People are sitting down at an empty table. Have they lost their senses? Don’t they realize they could be CONTAMINATED by the lethal level of middle-American averageness flooding the room? They don’t even look real. They’re way too perfect for that. the woman is wearing this amazing creation…let me tell you, she look like she just tumble out of vogue. And the man is trim and really handsome – he’s wearing black on black. You know, black tie, black shirt, black suit. Now there is your sophisticated but understated look for the new age. There’s a guy who commands RESPECT. And the girl. I don’t even know what to say. I am struck dumb by my own inadequacy in comparison… She’s got perfect posture, and flawless make-up, and I’ll bet all the champagne from my future National Book Award dinner that’s Donna Karan dress she’s wearing. This girl makes the entire world look frumpy! Do people like this actually exist? or did they just wander off a movie set? (page 22)

And then, F.B.s, my mother told me I should not have sat with the LeBlancs. She said they were ‘not the right people’ for me. Not the right people, F.B.s? For me? Is it not enough that my parents keep me from everything interesting, loud, frosted or exceeding miles per hour? Is it not enough that my home life has the ability to bore a person senseless? Is it not enough that I am effectively being kept from any and all experiences that I might possibly draw upon in the creation of my first novel? Are all these things not enough? Or must I also be told that the only interesting and different people I have met for weeks, for months, FOR YEARS, are NOT THE RIGHT PEOPLE FOR ME? I am going to take a nap. (Page 35-36)

Karma Said there was no sense spending money on a great outfit and then neglecting shoes and accessories. Pointy slingback sandals, dangly silver earrings, an anklet and a wrist cuff. It was a new me!… Oh, F.B.s, it was the best day, best day. It was like Karma reinvented me. I have never felt so hip before. When it was time to go, I rushed home and hid my clothes under the bed. At the appropriate time I’ll sneak the items into my daily wardrobe. Maybe my mother won’t notice. And really, $367 isn’t all that much, right? (Page 60)

An afterthought: Should I stop writing everything down? Who do I think I am, Harriet the Spy? What makes me so great that F.B.s should even be spending their time researching me? F.B.s, I suggest you switch your field of research to the environment, and use this notebook that I am now ONLY keeping to get the credit for an Advanced English summer project to learn more about the LeBlancs’ extraordinary work on behalf of our planet. I guess as long as I put stuff about the LeBlancs in here, It’s not a complete waste case. As soon as the summer is over and I hand in my work, no more notebook writing. Write less, DO more! (page 83)

My mother is having a small fit. Apparently, she just got a thank-you note from Delia for the wedding gift. The note very politely thanked Lenny and Phyllis for the lovely bird feeder.roblem is, Lenny and Phyllis didn’t send Delia a bird feeder. they sent her a very expensive, one-of-a-kind, hand blown glass pitcher that they bought in Mexico…Since the pitcher didn’t come in a box, Phyllis wrapped it in a bubble wrap and put it inside and old box from a bird feeder. I can imagine what happened. Delia ripped the wrapping paper off, saw what appeared to be a bird feeder, and tossed the box on to the “yard sale” pile without looking inside it. The exquisite hand-blown one-of-a-kind pitcher is now destined to languish anonymously until some puzzled, yard-sale-attending bird lover opens the box and wonders what on earth he just paid fifty cents for. (Page 103)

Still Writing. Still Thinking. out the grape juice. And Charlotte. How do you know if a person is the right friend for you? Does it have to be Karma or Charlotte? Is it not allowed to be both? Charlotte and I learn to crawl together. We did potty training as a team. karma is cool, and Charlotte is not. Karma is beautiful and different, and Charlotte is…Charlotte. can I not have them both? Do I have to erase Charlotte’s friendship because of the new me? (Page 124)

I, Lily Blennerhassett, retract all comments both oral and written made with regard to the level of damage incurred to the Blennerhassett lake house. I take it all back. Having personally cleaned most of the house, I can now say it was much, much worse than it looked. (Page 139)

Everyone in the restaurant is looking at me, and I’m glad. Glad to be there, glad to have my parents and best friend at my table, glad that this is my family. My life. I blow the candles out and make my wish. and if readers other than my Future biographers are reading this story in a beautifully bound hardcover or paperback edition published by a major and highly respected New York Publishing company, then my wish came true. (Page 183)