Good Bye Ceka…

Just had a great time with some friends
I am on my way home to my kids
using my mobile I played a game
in public transportation to kill my time
A friend of mine suddenly called
thought she will asked about tomorrow
but she bring a bad news that make me sorrow
Ceka, a daughter of my friend has already died
She is so young only thirteen
she not a little girl not yet a women
She lost her mother 4 years ago
How can this happen, what’s going on.
My friend said she been sick all day
They took her to the clinic in the afternoon
after got some medicine they went home
but not for long she’s already gone
My husband and some friends went there
To help taking care of so many things
I stay home with my kids and thinking
What will I be if that is my daughter
The funeral take place the next day
I went there to pay my last respect
in the coffin she so pale yet so beautiful
she looks just like she’s falling asleep
The father talk about her kindness
always helpful to her younger brother
The teachers said how nice she was
friends can’t help to show their sadness
I took some pictures of the funeral
She buried in her mother tomb
I bet she is very happy to met her now
that’s what she said on her diary
It’s hard to believe but it’s true
There’s a regret arose in my heart
she could have been my daughter best friend
if I just pay more attention to her


jasmine is a girl and egdar is a boy…

Jasmine like Cheese and Edgar loves Chocolate. So when I buy Sari Roti, the bread with 2 filling, they split it 2 and 2.

She will get ready last minute, sometimes late for school, but he is happy if he can get to school 1 hour early so he can play soccer with his friends.

Jasmine is good in art, she can play music and love to dance, and like I said Edgar is excellent in sports. He’s also good in biking.

Jasmine wants a birthday celebration with family or friends but Edgar will make sure he got presents for his birthday

When they received money from an aunt or opa, Jasmine will saved her money in a piggy bank, but Edgar will spend every penny he has

Jasmine is an adventurous when it come to food, she dare to try new things, but Edgar don’t eat something he didn’t recognize

but Jasmine will eat the tasty ones first, while Edgar leave the best for last.

Jasmine wants a cat and Edgar has a dog, the name is Beyonce.

If we let her, Jasmine can stay late to watch a movie. She seems to always alert till the end of he story but Edgar will fall of sleep in the middle if not the beginning.

Jasmine said she want her room to be blue, and Edgar prefer green walls

Jasmine don’t really care about the time, It took her forever to finish a small bowl of rice and chicken, mean while Edgar count every single minutes. Finish his lunch 5 minutes or take shower 2 minutes.

I still try to figure out more differences but for sure one thing they have in common, they both came from one womb. mine!

8 bravest (or crasiest) things i have done in my life…


1. drive a car around Bali Island without a proper driving skill.  It was in 1992, I remember going down the hill with full speed, till my friend told me that we don’t have to be so rush. Lucky that we never get into accident but on the way back to a hotel, I hit a pole near the entrance.

2. borrowed a mobile phone from a stranger. That time (1997) mobile phone is still a rare thing. I missed to make a call to my roomy from the bus terminal because must catch the next bus right away. I was a bit sick and need my friend to pick me up. I heard a white man in the business suit who’s sat 2 row behind me talking on his mobile phone. I dare my self to ask and it’s a miracle that he let me use it. He even dial the number for m since I don’t have any idea how that works.

3. hold an Orangutan in the forest in Kalimantan in 1993. To get to that area we have to take a boat trip, and stay in a very simple facility. I remember it was a female Orangutan and it’s quite heavy.

4. Take a day visa at Narita airport (on my way to US in 1994) and met my friend at Shinjuku. I try to get the Visa from the Japan Embassy in Jakarta, but couldn’t. I was wonder what to do waiting 8 hours in the airport to catch my next plane to Boston. When I arrived, I saw the counter for a Day Visa. I went there to try and get it in no time. I buy a bus ticket and go staight to Shinjuku. Eat lunch at McD with him, took a walk around, pass all the shops, big and small, buy some small stuff, and hurry to catch the 2 o’clock bus to the airport. It’s true that everything is on time in Japan, so if I miss that one, I will most likely missed my plane too.

5. Hitchhike (present time). When my husband drive a pick-up car sometimes there are people stop us and ride in the back. So I think why not do the same thing. I took my kids once awhile for an adventure, then on the way back, I will stop a pick up car and get a free ride. I did it once to a motorcycle together with my daughter.

6. dived in an open sea without diving licence. My friend and I did it in Bunaken (North Sulawesi) and Sepa Island (Thousands Island, Jakarta). This was happen between 1992 -1994.

7. get my pager back from a man who rob me in the bus. This happend just a couple months before my wedding in the year 2000. It was night time when I got into a bus, only 2 men on the bus other than the driver and his assistance.   Suddenly the 2 men moved closed to my seat and one took out a knife and tell me to give him my valuable things. They took my pager, necklace and watch. People started to get in the bus, they make they way out, but I went to one of them and reach out for my pager from his pocket. Since there are many people they didn’t dare to do anything, they jump out and lost in the night.

8. a trip to Europe by myself. I was study in the US at the time and our Church have a conference in Paris in 1995. I could have go with the group but I prefer arrange my own trip and accomodation coz it’s cheaper. I went to Paris, stay there for couple days, Went around the city by myself, try to figure out  the transportation system, made it to Eiffel Tower.  Took the train to visit my relatives in Holland for a week, They took me to many places. Then back to Paris, and fly back to the US.

Maybe those are not too crazy for some people, but for me it’s already way out of my comfort zone. Most I did in my single years (1990 – 1999), only one after I got married and have kids.