today i…

wake up late because last night I couldn’t sleep so I watched TV till 5

heard my phone ring, my husband pick it up, it’s my mom called about Pak Aki

sleep till 8
made pancake for breakfast

did 2 sets of laundry and hoping for a sunny day

clean up the garden and worked on some pots of plant a friend gave us last night

am glad to see the kids help with some house chores without complaining

had Soto Ayam for lunch, it’s been awhile since we eat there

took the kids to read at Rimba Baca and leave them there

finished “Spain or Shine” and borrow “A thousand Splendid suns”

visit Pak Aki who is sick in the hospital

met my mom and brother Joe there

was pick up by my husband who picked up the kids first from the library

cooked meatball for dinner and we ate together

and my family watched the movie “courageous”

will have my quite time because I haven’t done it in the morning

am happy


my lebaran break…

I wasn’t celebrate lebaran but surely I enjoy the break and the festive.

My kids still go to school. I stayed home do some cleaning, cooking and mostly editing my dad’s autobiography. So sweet coz my husband came back after drop the kids to school, so . So happy to be home when the kids came back from school, when they call “mommy” and I welcome them, asked them how’s school, for a working mother like me, that’s a precious moment. At night we went to Pamulang for our Bible Discussion meeting.

Planned to go for some adventure, but we all running late, so after breakfast we went out, try to find a place for fishing, but it closed. We circle the zoo (on the outside) but got to go home because my son got sick. I cooked potridge for him, and made a cup of hot tea so he can feel better. In the afternoon, my husband and I attend a house-warming party of a couple in Lenteng Agung.

Go to church, supposed to have lunch and spend time with a couple but they didn’t show up. Doesn’t matter because there are always friends to talk to. Go home, watch our favorite Korean TV Serial, and snacking fried banana (our Sunday afternoon tradition)

Spend almost all day @ my parents house @ Cinere. Taking pictures. The kids wear red top and the moms wear old navy t-shirt with American flag on the front. Our Camera is error, can only take pictures inside the house. So for the outdoor ones, I use my mobile. Not bad. Upload and sent them to my brother Pierre, whose son Sergelen celebrate his b’day today. @ Night went to the mall where my younger brother David treat us eat in the restaurant.

The Lebaran is cancel, so we cancel our plan to visit our Moslem’s friends. We end visit Leo and Linda (my sister Christie’s in-laws) @ Shekinah Village. Then on the way back we stop by @ my parents house, My brother Joe took the kids to the hill and do sleighing on the grass. I thought it’s quite dangerous, but the kids seems to have fun. I insist to go back home sooner coz I have some cleaning to do.

As planned we went to Pamulang for swimming. My kids had a great time with their friends. I was happy because we got to visit Susan, who still adjusting with her newborn baby, visit Vira’s house and getting to know her parents, visit Siska and see her dog with a new puppy, visit Bu Linda and just listen to all her stories. @ night we went to visit our moslem’s neighbours.

Leave the kids home, my husband and I went for a prayer meeting in the morning. It was @ my friend’s Rebi new house. It was very nice place, it doesn’t feel like in Jakarta at all. We had breakfast before we pray, and play ping-pong afterward. In the afternoon we went to Citayem Depok to attend my friend Nova’s baptism. I am so happy that she’s my sister in Christ now. After dinner we speed up to Gandaria City because my brother David invited us to watch movie together. I want to see “Kung Fu Panda” but he said we all going to see “Tendangan dari Langit” It was a good movie to inspired the kids to reach their dream, just like Wahyu.

We join Maxie, Vicka and their kids to try Commuter line. We met @ Pasar Minggu Station and heading toward the city. It was a nice ride, the kids enjoy it. From Kota Station we walk to The Kota Tua Square which is very close. My kids having fun riding bike, Maxie fly a kite, Faith and Mercy enjoy the Bubbles, I took pictures of them. It was a sweet coincidence because we met Om Agus and family. After lunch we heading back home. I wasn’t feeling well, because of flu attack but quite enjoy the day.

In the morning doing some routine @home, then by noon I go to Cinere to help mom with the cooking. It’s my niece Cassie birthday today and we’re going to have a party for her later. My mom and dad went to her relative funeral, and came back in the afternoon. My sister Rannu and Debby help me, so by 6 everything ready and we all gather to eat. The event continued with family pray night. My brother David brought his son Bravely, so cute!

Went to Church. Great Sermon about Wisdom from Pdt Alex Sutjiadi. After the service went to Gereja Ayam Pasar Baru to attend my relative “40 days”. When we arrived the service is done, we just have lunch with the family. Then we went to Funeral home to pay respect for the late Pdt Stef Siahaya and her daughter Ivonne whom pass away a week apart from each other. On the way we stop by at our old house in Tomang. Tell my kids some stories about those days. Then going home so the kids can spend the rest of the day to prepare themselves for school tomorrow.

My husband and kids leave for work and school, I stay home and finish editing my dad autobiography. I was happy because the gardener I’ve been looking for had a chance to stop by and clean the yard. In the afternoon an old friend Thea and her husband came to deliver her sister wedding invitation. Talk to them for a while, missed part of the Korean Drama. Then try to encourage myself to be fire up about back to work tomorrow.

Tuesday morning when on my way to work, I write my Facebook status “Love the holidays, but it’s good to be back to work”

why i am so thankful about friday…

Just think and listen to the word ‘friday’ already excites me,

because friday means the end of the week days, working days.

I got to wear jeans or less formal outfit to work,

and the student go home early, so we have a relaxing time after they left.

That way I can do works that I can’t do when they are around,

and think about my plans for the weekend.

Sometimes the portal to facebook is open (usually it’s always closed),

so we can have upload some pictures and write comments to others.

Sometimes there are fun events with my co-workers,

like last week we went out for lunch and see movie,

and this week we’re going to visit a friend who just have a new baby.

My husband and i have a group devotional with friends from church,

and we always do pot luck and eat dinner together on Friday.

I am also exciting to see their lovely kids,

‘coz we can do some drawing, coloring and Bible story.

Eventhough i was tired and go home late, very late actually,

i feel happy and thank God for Friday.